Things to Do in Andros Island, Bahamas

For those who are unfamiliar with the Bahamas, the Andros Island is an archipelago. The largest of the Bahamian Islands, it is also the largest island by land area. More than seven hundred islands make up the entire chain, but Andros Island is considered a single island. Hence, visitors are encouraged to spend at least one night in this paradise island. There are many things to do in Andros. Read on to find out how to plan your trip to Andros Island.

Andros is a 100-mile long island in the Bahamas. It is separated into three parts by mangrove flats and pine forests. There are also vast underwater cave systems and extensive coral reefs. This island is also the home to the Lusca, a half-octopus believed to live in blue holes. Despite the fact that they are very rare, sightings are still reported in the Bahamas. The islands offer an unspoiled paradise that is perfect for families.

Andros is home to thousands of miles of fishing flats and inland waterways. The South, Middle and North Bights andros island bahamas cut right through the island, providing plenty of fresh water. Rainwater is shipped to the island’s capital, Nassau, from North Andros, where it collects in underground tunnels. During the rainy season, the water collects on the island, forming a fresh water lens over the salt water.

The West Side National Park covers the western portion of the island, and is home to various caves and blue holes. There are a number of fossils and shipwrecks on the island. The ruins of a non-native crocodile are also a prime attraction. Visiting the West Side National Park is a great way to explore the archipelago. This park is home to rare birds and the World Record for Compressed Air Diving.

The Androsia fabric is a local specialty. Made in Andros since the 1970s, Androsia clothing has a colorful, handmade appearance. Androsia fabric can be purchased at the Androsia Factory Outlet Store or at various boutiques throughout the island. If you’re looking for a great gift, you can purchase a piece of art at the Androsia Factory. There are even some outlets on other islands of the Bahamas for Androsia items.

There is a rich history of pirates on Andros. Known as the Pirate Island, the legendary Sir Henry Morgan used the high ground on the northern tip of the island as an observatory and hideout. He hid treasure here, which he kept in a cave below the bluff. Andros is home to several of these caves, and there is a legend that the island is a burial site for buried treasure.

While most Bahamian islands are very popular with tourists, Andros Island is the least visited. Although it has the largest population of any of the seven thousand islands, it remains the least visited and untouched. Andros Island’s lush mangroves, untouched forest, and extensive reef system make it an ideal place to visit for any nature lover. Approximately 8,000 people live on the island’s eastern sliver.

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